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Hi, I'm Katrina Lund-Tangye, after 4 years studying Classical Homeopathy specifically for animals, at Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy; I'm now an intern with the Council of Homeopaths and starting my practice by looking to support your pets and livestock to have a healthier lifestyle.

Classical Homeopathy is the practice of prescribing a remedy to help the body help itself.

The initial consultation would be made in your home or at the animal's home. It is helpful to see the animal in it's own environment and reduces any stress. This consultation will generally take between an hour and an hour and a half.

Homeopathy can work alongside veterinary prescribed medicines and other alternative therapies.


More about Classical Homeopathy

Samuel Hahnemann is the father of Classical Homeopathy. He was practicing medicine in Germany over 200 years ago and became concerned that the medicine he was prescribing was actually making patients worse.   This was completely against the Hippocratic Oath he had taken.

He gave up medicine because of this and began translating technical books.  He came across a medical statement, "That quinine cure malaria because it was astringent".  He disagreed with this as many things were astringent and they didn't cure malaria.

Hahnemann set about investigating what was specific about quinine.  What he found when he took a large quantity of quinine was that he experienced the symptoms of malaria and the principle of Classical Homeopathy "like cures like" was born.

Homeopathic remedies are "proved", tested on healthy individuals.  The symptoms that appear are recorded and then these remedies are used to treat individuals suffering with similar symptoms.

How is Homeopathy different?

A Homeopath looks at the entire animal, their general health and lifestyle, and what you, the owner, understand their mental and emotional state to be. The individual is treated as a whole not just the symptoms. As a very simple example, two people may both be suffering from the flu but one may feel cold - the other hot; a different remedy would be needed.

Homeopathy can work alongside veterinary prescribed medicines and other alternative therapies.

What is a remedy?

A remedy may be made up of many things; minerals; plant matter and animal matter.  It stimulates the individual's vital force and helps the individual find the way to address the ill health.

Remedies are made by diluting the original matter and giving energy by shaking, succussing, the solution.  The remedy is diluted and succussed increasingly to produce varying potencies.  This also helps the remedy have a safe and gentle effect.  What was originally a poisonous substance can now help an individual address the symptoms similar to that poisoning.

The remedies I use are obtained from Registered Homeopathic Suppliers.  All remedies are made to a defined and documented process according to a Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.  The process of producing remedies must comply with the NZ Code of Good Manufacturing Process and international Homeopathic standards.

The course a remedy takes makes the individual more at ease and symptoms that were last to appear should be the first to disappear.

How can I help?

To determine which Remedy is the most 'similar' to the symptoms causing the issue we will discuss the animal's health; history - family and medical; emotional status; what makes the issue better or worse; eating habits; likes and dislikes.

What I am looking for are the symptoms which are particular to the animal not to the issue.  This will indicate the unique remedy for that individual animal.

After an agreed period of time I'd like to follow up on the animal's progress.  Follow up consultations are 1/2 an hour to an hour.  At this time I will review the changes and what the next course of action is.

Sometimes an animal's condition is like the layers of an onion and each issue is peeled away and addressed on at a time.

How to contact me...

I am available by mobile (021 248 6156) from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday, or by Email.

I will respond as soon as possible if a message has to be left.  Consultation times would be arranged on a mutually acceptable basis.

I have a consultation room at Woofles Petfood, 224 King Street, Pukekohe.

Some of my Remedies are available through the Woofles online shop